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If you’re so busy with the daily work of delivering what you sold, finding new leads, and having sales conversations that you’ve hit the ceiling on what you can make, then these resources are for YOU!

Is your business booked and busy? Ready to get your time back? Leverage your sales with these resources! If you’re not quite at this point, also check out my Sales Starter Resources Page.

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Breakthrough Moves with Jennifer Diepstraten

Have You Hit the Ceiling on What  Your Current Sales Model Can Support?

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners run into an overwhelming time in business because they’ve gotten really good at selling their services, but have a hard time putting leverage and more efficient sales processes into their business.
It can often feel like no one can sell as well as you can. Every new lead and client is carefully nurtured by you, and you might feel like you can’t handle any new clients. Clearly you’ve hit the ceiling on what your current sales model can support.
But before you jump to hiring a team of salespeople which can be a severe drain on resources if implemented too soon or incorrectly, you’ll want to absorb the key elements below that we’ve found that help entrepreneurs to break through to the next level.
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Learn breakthrough strategies to get your business to the next (sustainable!) level.

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  • Get new ideas to help take your business to the next level, without giving up more of your precious time!

This book is full of case studies and insights from my real clients who have had massive success in uplevelling their businesses.

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Break Through to the Next Level! Here’s how!

Get a Grip! Read this infosheet and download the resources on this page to make your breakthrough move!

Breakthrough Move # 1. Upgrade your Positioning and Pricing.

Re-position and possibly re-price your existing offers so you easily sell more products or services to existing clients rather than go out to find new leads. It’s estimated that it costs 5 – 10 times more to find a new client than to sell an additional service to an existing one. However, whether or not a client re-invests depends on how well you structure your service progression and sales funnels in a way that easily invites them in. To maximize your opportunity (a.k.a increase the average lifetime value) with each client you’ll need to roll existing clients into higher level services or packages plus get testimonials that specifically address the nuances in your marketing.

Breakthrough Move # 2. Hone your marketing into a reliable, efficient lead machine.

Here’s two lead-generation principles that can create lots of new high-paying customers in a fraction of the time.

a) Less is more. Based on the principles from Greg McKeown’s book Essentialism, we’ve discovered that by eliminating half of our client’s marketing activities, they consistently double their sales or more. It’s truly a Pareto Principle phenomenon – 20% of your activities is bringing in 80% of your leads. Once you know which 20% that is, you can significantly reduce costs while bringing in more revenue.

b) Sales-focused marketing. Most entrepreneurs either have a big, wide network that they haven’t really monetized, or have difficulty growing their network, following or tribe in the first place. Of course, we love big networks and massive email lists. But more importantly than just growing your following, those following you should be the right people. It’s pointless to invest marketing dollars to capture tens of thousands of contacts if they don’t ultimately buy from you. So we recommend a sales-focused marketing approach in which every word, image, and marketing piece is designed to attract your exact right prospect into your business and convert them into clients at the earliest possible opportunity. Ultimately, your marketing efforts will return massive ROI if you can design the right high-end offer for your ideal client and design your marketing effectively with the end in mind.

Breakthrough Move # 3. Double your fees, especially for your private time. Consider adding a “super high-ticket” offer.

The challenge with raising your fees is running the risk of turning off existing customers and alienating new ones. Indeed, if you simply make the same offer but increase the price, it will likely land flat the next time you’re speaking to a prospect. Thus you’ll need to do more to show the value at the higher price point. We help our customers do this by fine-tuning the way they communicate the value of their services so that prospects truly see the value at the higher price point.

In other words, if you have a program that’s $5000, you can probably sell it fairly easily because it’s a relatively lower-priced investment. You’ll need a certain level of connection and trust with the prospect. However, if you want to offer a program at $10,000, you’ll need an entirely different level of finesse in articulating your program’s benefits. Your ability to articulate your program’s benefits in terms your specific client cares about and is willing to pay for is the cornerstone of being able to increase your prices 50%, 100% or more.

In addition to how you say what you do, an offer has three other important elements that are often overlooked.

1) Does your program provide what your prospect needs? Many service-based businesses, coaches, and healers think about what they would like to offer by asking themselves, “What do I know how to do well?” or “What should be included in my program?” However, they don’t test their idea with prospective clients, so never find out if what they have is what their prospect is willing to pay for. A more productive question is, “What is my prospect willing to pay for that I can provide?”

2) The offer must address the exact concerns of the individual prospective client. A common mistake is that once sellers design a program and figure out how to describe it, when they make the offer, they use wording that makes sense to them, but not the prospect. In addition, the description is too general and thus misses grabbing the prospect’s attention even though the program may be exactly what the prospect needs. The words you use must not only describe the offer well, but they must address the prospect’s specific concerns, and those concerns only. In short, if your program or service helps in five areas but your prospect has only mentioned two, then those are the two you must focus on.

3) The offer must use the words that the prospect specifically used to describe what they’re looking for. If the prospect is looking to be able to “go on vacation” then don’t offer “scalability” or “leveraged business models.” Offer them something that will allow them to “go on vacation.” If they’re looking for their husband to “open up to them and stop giving one word answers” then don’t offer them “communication skills.”

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Double Your Sales this Year E-Book

Case Studies



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