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This Sales Starter Resource page is for you if your business is in early stages, or if you’re starting to gain momentum in your sales and want to charge higher fees for your valuable service. If you’re already rocking your Strategy Sessions, learn how to get your time back and leverage your sales success on my Breakthrough Strategies Page.

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My Story

I remember when I first decided to put my business “online” and use leveraged delivery methods such as group programs. I started my business and got a great logo and brand image, built a great website, and then spent lots of time perfecting a life-changing transformational program. And then do you know what happened? Very little.

I had very few leads and even fewer sales. Occasionally I’d get a referral from someone or go to some networking meetings, but mostly I hid behind my computer thinking that finally, I could skip the “sales part” and not have to put myself “out there.”

So what turned the business around and gave us our first $10k month in sales? Strategy sessions! When I finally realized that nothing takes the place of a personal one-on-one interaction, people started buying!

One-on-one conversations, specifically strategy sessions, are instrumental to your business growth for three reasons:

1) Until you have 20 or 25 conversations with people who are considering buying from you, you don’t really know what to say on your website or webinar, nor understand what makes your potential buyer tick. You might think you do, but you’ll never know for sure until you hear them say it to you.

2) Second, a strategy session puts you in a position to make an offer AND for someone to pay for it. It’s one thing for people to say they’re interested, but it’s entirely another thing for them to pay real money for something. Money exchanging hands means that you’ve articulated the value of your service in a way that truly matters to your prospects. You’ll never know if you’ve got it right until someone pays you. More often than not, I see people create fabulous websites and sales pages that don’t bring in clients. Let’s face it – they just don’t know how to speak their clients’ language yet. (I’ve been there too!)

3) Third, one-on-one conversations are one of only two ways that I know of to make a sale of $3000 or more (the other is by having a live event) for an intangible service from a previously unknown company or seller. It’s amazing that enough connection, understanding, and trust can be created in just a 60 minute phone call with someone the prospect has never met before that they are willing to pay $3000 on the spot, and often much more. Strategy sessions are truly the fastest path to cash.

A strategy session or initial consultation is NOT a free coaching or get-to-know-you session. The direct approach works better.

How do you do a Strategy Session with a direct approach? This is something I love teaching my clients and students every day. Grab my Book, The High Ticket Selling Revolution, to learn how you can use dedicated strategy sessions to convert more sales, increase your fees and get booked by your ideal clients.

– Jennifer

Small Diamond

The High Ticket Selling Revolution

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Learn the same high ticket selling secrets that have helped hundreds of our clients.

  • Find out what helped me turn my online business around and get consistent high-paying clients
  • How to fill your business using my direct approach to strategy sessions
  • 9 Secrets to increase Your Fees and Convert more Sales
  • How to magnetically attract top dollar clients who want to hire you BEFORE ever meeting you!

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 “After working with Jennifer on my sales conversations … I feel confident that every time I have a conversation with a potential client, they will leave a raving fan. AND I was able to raise my 1:1 coaching rate while consistently enrolling awesome clients. Jennifer is a genius at teaching this stuff!”

– Amy Pearson

“Sales Secret! Strategy sessions are instrumental to your growth even if the majority of your business is marketed online.”

Start Selling and Thrive in Your Business

If you haven’t started doing strategy sessions – and that’s having dedicated conversations where both you and your prospects KNOW that they’re considering doing business with you – then you will see why high-converting strategy sessions are a MUST for growing your business and how to have them come naturally and easily.

If you’re already doing strategy sessions, then congratulations, you are on the right track! But if you’re not closing at least 1 in 3 and totally thrilled with the prices you’re selling your services and programs for, then you’re going to see how to double, triple or maybe even quadruple your income as a result of reading this book.


Learn what to say and when to say it so your ideal client says, “Yes! How can I work with you?”

Grab these Sales Starter Resources. Then find out how we can work together on your business success!

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High Ticket Selling Statements of Success



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